WavePad Masters Edition


Create your own professional audio mixes


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WavePad Masters Edition is an audio-editing program that lets you edit countless audio tracks with total freedom and gives you professional results.

Thanks to its multi-track interface, you can work with as many files as you want simultaneously, making WavePad Masters Edition an invaluable tool for editing podcasts in particular, since it makes it much easier to trim, cut, copy, and paste between tracks.

Among many other features, WavePad Masters Edition also offers tons of effects to apply to your audio files. Some of these effects include white noise reduction and peak normalization, as well as more advanced tools, like adjusting the surround sound for your projects or the frequency volumes with a graphic equalizer.

One of the best things about WavePad Masters Edition is that its interface is surprisingly intuitive, making this application the perfect tool for beginners as well as those who have experience editing audio tracks with advanced effects. What's more, the program is compatible with the majority of audio formats.